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Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year

Pay to park in Pocklington.


9:24am 31st October 2011

East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) own three public car parks in Pocklington which are currently free of charge, one in Station Road is subject to a two hour limit which has not been enforced to date.

ERYC carried out a review of public car parks across the county and is proposing to standardise car parking charges from 2012.

The proposals would mean charges being imposed on Pocklington car parks and this has raised Town
Council, local business and public concern about the potential impact on the Town Centre.

ERYC propose that the first half hour would be free and that the Town Council could extend this free period to two hours at an annual cost of £22,500 or take out leases on the three car parks for an annual charge of £26,000.

In order to do this the Town Council would have to impose an additional £10 per year on the rates bill for each household.

ERYC are also proposing to enforce the two hour parking limit which may well affect the behaviour of current users.

Panda People Ltd are delighted to be assisting Pocklington Town Council in assessing the potential impacts of the proposed imposition of car parking charges on the three Pocklington car parks under the ownership of East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

The Town Council recognise the imposition of car parking charges on the ERYC owned car parks could either cause people to seek alternative free car parking in the town or dissuade them from visiting if this is not available. The key to understanding the potential impact is to gauge current usage and capacity and to discover people’s attitudes to the ERYC proposals.

PANDA will be carrying out a detailed recording exercise of current usage of car parks and on-street parking in and around the town centre.

This will be done over 2 weeks and will include market days and weekends.

The next step will be to carry out a questionnaire survey which will include;
· where “parkers” are from,
· why they are parking (business, shopping, work etc),
· how long they are parking for,
· how easy it was to find a parking space,
· people’s attitudes to the ERYCC proposals and how it might affect their behaviour.

PANDA aim to conduct around 300 questionnaire surveys covering all parking areas, residents and non-residents and long and short stayers in appropriate numbers.

PANDA also propose to carry out 20 short structured interviews to ascertain business owners views about the ERYCC proposals and potential impacts.

The survey findings will be presented at a public meeting to be organised by the Town Council.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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