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Noise Patrol team won't let sleeping dogs lie

9/11 - dog

12:01am 30th October 2011

City of York Council's Environmental Protection Unit (EPU) has seen a huge increase in dog barking complaints in the last few years.

In 2008/09 only 45 noise complaints about dog barking were received by the team, but in 2009/10 this increased significantly to 249 complaints and a further 204 were received in 2010/11.The council has already received 129 complaints of dog barking, since April 2011.

Cllr Sandy Fraser, Cabinet Member for Crime and Community Safety, said:

"These figures show an alarming increase in the number of complaints we've received. 

"Causing unwanted noise is not only a nuisance for those living nearby, it can also be a nuisance for those causing the noise too, in cases where they end up receiving an unwanted noise abatement notice or a hefty fine.

"So I encourage dog owners to take the advice of the council's Noise Patrol team, so they don't end up in a situation where they could be given an abatement notice."

Craig Delorenzo, environmental protection officer at City of York Council, said:

"Many people don't realise their dog is causing a nuisance. When we send them a letter to say we've received a complaint, the owner often tells us they were unaware that their dog barks.

"If you have a dog it's worth checking with your neighbours to see if they are bothered by barking, especially if you leave your dog alone for long periods."

The increasing number of dog barking complaints has led to increased enforcement. The Noise Patrol team has carried out three noise abatement notices, which were served as a result of dog barking in 2010/11. So far this year EPU have already served five notices.

What can residents do to stop their dog from barking?

  • If your dog barks at things outside, don't let it go outside on its own. Keep it away from windows, so it can't see people or other animals.
  • If your dog barks at the same time every day, e.g. when people in the house are going to work or school, try to keep it busy at that time. You could take it for a walk.
  • Try to keep your dog calm. If it barks when it's excited, don't play with it late at night.
  • Don't leave your dog outside if it's barking to be let in.
  • See if you can get a friend or relative to look after your dog when you go out, or take it with you.
  • Make sure your dog gets some exercise before you go out. A tired dog barks less.

For more long-term solutions, residents can contact the EPU on York (01904) 551555 who would be happy to send information.

Alternatively contact the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC) on (01386) 751151.

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