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Calls for lighter nights in Britain


12:01am 27th October 2011

Lighter nights for longer in Britain.

That's what the Yorkshire road safety charity Brake is campaigning for.

It wants to government to move to a 'Single Double Summer Time' that would see our clocks move forward 2 hours in the Summer and only back by 1 in the Winter.


Ahead of clocks going back on October 30th, our campaign seeks to highlight the fact that road accidents increase four-fold when the clocks change as it takes a week for road users to adapt to the new conditions.

The  campaign, led by Autoglass and road safety charity Brake, is therefore partnering with the 10:10 Lighter Later campaign for Single Double Summer Time (SDST), which is calling on Brits to set their clocks to GMT+1 in Winter and GMT+2 in Summer, so that the sun would rise and set one hour later throughout the year.

Autoglass has been working alongside Brake to back the move as a new study shows that changing the clocks to GMT +1 in the Winter and GMT +2 in the Summer would prevent an estimated 80 road deaths and more than 200 serious injuries annually.

Both parties are also in support of the Private Members Bill tabled by Rebecca Harris MP which calls on the Government to conduct a cross-departmental analysis of the potential costs and benefits of advancing time by one hour for all, or part of, the year.

The campaign is also hoping to raise awareness of the dangers that the decrease in daylight hours has on road safety and are highlighting the fact that one in ten accidents in the UK are caused by impaired vision. The lack of light during the winter evenings and many road users not wearing the necessary high visibility clothing means drivers can often struggle to clearly see objects and hazards, placing cyclists and pedestrians at high risk.


Yorkshire Statistics: 30% of people are for moving to Single Double Summer Time
                                    23% are against.
                                    46% are unaware of the SDST proposal    

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