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12:01am 9th October 2011

Residents in Fulford have been told they face a wait of several years for repairs to fault with the A64 bridge at Fulford, which is causing severe noise and vibration problems for local residents.

Residents in the Naburn Lane, Pasture Farm Close and Pumping Station Cottage area of Fulford have been experiencing the problems for several months due to a fault with a joint on the A64 bridge over the A19.

Earlier this year Fulford's Liberal Democrat Councillor, Keith Aspden, raised the issue with A-one+, the company managing the A64 for the Highways Agency, who attempted to carry out interim measures to address the problem.

However, following the failure of these measures, A-one+ have now said that although they acknowledge the problem, as the fault is not a safety issue nothing will be done to resolve the situation until 2013/14, when the joint is due to be replaced.

Councillor Aspden said he hoped that A-one+ would reconsider their decision not to take any action.

He said:

"Having now visited the site myself, I can fully understand why local residents would want quick action to resolve this problem."

"The fault creates a significant noise for the residents with regular traffic, and is much worse during peak times and during the evening with heavy lorries. When the lorries pass over the faulty joint it makes a large booming noise and creates vibrations that can be felt in houses nearby."

Councillor Aspden has asked the environmental protection team from City of York Council to monitor the noise levels in the area in the hope that further evidence of the problem will prompt action to be taken.

He said:

"This is a big problem for local people and is having a negative effect on their quality of life, they cannot wait until 2013/14 for this to be resolved. I hope that be raising the issue with Senior Managers at A-one+ we can get this sorted as soon as possible."

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