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Wentworth project could create hundreds of jobs


12:01am 8th October 2011

GMI Holbeck Land, the company proposing to build a supermarket on Malton's Wentworth Street Carpark confirms that the development will create up to 290 local jobs* - even more if an internet shopping service is introduced and built up.
The creation of this number of jobs would provide a significant boost to the economies of both Malton and Ryedale more generally, allowing the local retail sector to grow by around 30 per cent.
GMI Holbeck Land's planning application points out that the supermarket would also be likely to create supply chain effects that will benefit local businesses - such as cleaning and maintenance contractors and other suppliers of goods and services to the foodstore.
Benefits would also include those to local restaurants, cafes and other service providers due to shoppers' linked trips, and increased trade of this sort will also ensure that the town's independent businesses continue to thrive.
Currently £31m each year is spent by Ryedale residents travelling to supermarkets outside the area. The Wentworth Project would significantly cut this figure and greatly enhance the quality and choice of Malton's retail offer.
Experience and research has shown that the economies of towns where similar edge of centre supermarket developments have been made, have been boosted, with an increase in town centre trade and retail jobs. These include towns such as Beverley and Wetherby in North Yorkshire, Otley in West Yorkshire and Crewkerne in Somerset where up to 70% of shoppers making linked visits to the town centre, thus benefitting the existing retail offer.  
GMI Holbeck Land expects little or no loss of jobs at existing independent traders in Malton, and in fact employment opportunities will be just as strong during the construction period.

GMI Holbeck Land Director Ian Barraclough:
'We are committed to the recruitment of local subcontractors and direct labour where possible, and we hold 'Meet the Contractor' events for business to business liaison over opportunities.

'We strive to employ from the local area where possible - if what we need cannot be found in Malton, then we extend our search to the wider area, and then further into Ryedale and Yorkshire.'
*These are net additional jobs.

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