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Plans for a multi million pound junction in Malton & Norton


12:01am 7th October 2011

A final decision on plans for a multi-million pound junction which will bring ‘very significant benefits’ to Malton and Norton is due to be made today. (Friday 7th October 2011)

Members of Ryedale District Council will be asked to approve the A64 Brambling Fields scheme which was first put forward as a solution to addressing local transport problems seven years ago.

If it is agreed, work is expected to get underway in January with completion in September.

Councillors have already agreed to allocate £2.37 million towards the expected cost of £5.5 million for making improvements to the junction which links the A64 with the B1248 Scarborough Road at Brambling Fields in Norton.

Julian Rudd, the council’s head of economy and housing, said a consultation in 2004 identified strong local support for upgrading the junction as a way of addressing congestion in Malton and Norton.

He said:

“The provision of a new ‘off-slip’ road from the A64 at the Brambling Fields junction, in conjunction with necessary traffic management measures in Malton town centre, would allow and encourage through-traffic to use the bypass route, including a significant amount of heavy goods vehicles and thus reduce traffic through Butcher Corner by about 30 per cent.”

“This will lead to a significant improvement to air quality which has been proven as problematic and help create a town centre which is more pleasant for pedestrians and shoppers.”

Mr Rudd said that a reduction or withdrawal of Ryedale District Council support would stop the project with no alternative means of funding likely for many years.

“The Brambling Fields junction improvement alone does not solve all of the shortfalls in the highway network in and around Malton and Norton and it is important the council continues to work with partners and developers to address other outstanding issues,” he said.

“However, it provides very significant benefits and there is no other potential highway infrastructure improvement that is comparable, in terms of costs, achieveability, and changes to traffic movements, to meaningfully address the congestion, air pollution and road safety problems that exists within Malton or to provide internal road capacity for new development to provide jobs and homes at Malton and Norton.”

Mr Rudd said the district council would recoup all of its investment in the project, apart from the county council’s £800,000 contribution, via developer contributions.

“The council already has £500,000 in the bank with around a further £1.5 million agreed or close to being finalised,” he said.

“The amount of housing allocated via the Ryedale Plan will not be influenced by the cost of the project and given past building rates it may take up to 15 years to recoup all the full public sector investment in the project.

“This is a much-needed piece of infrastructure to help make Ryedale a better place to work and live.”

Norton Town Council has welcomed the scheme. Mayor, Coun Di Keal said: “At the moment we have a lot of lorries on their way to the bacon factory that will no longer need to come through the towns, making it much more pleasant.”

District councillor Paul Andrews said he was concerned about where the money was coming from.

He said:

“Clearly, I will support the scheme if it can be achieved without prejudicing the limits on housing and other matters set out in the Malton and Norton Neighbourhood Plan.

“If not, I feel the people of Malton and Norton should be consulted on the proposals, after full details of all the implications have been made available to the public.”

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