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Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year

£67 million pot delivers new houses in North Yorkshire

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3:38pm 20th September 2011

Housing leaders are celebrating a partnership which has seen £67 million come into North Yorkshire to provide housing in priority areas across the county over the last three years.

The Local Government North Yorkshire and York Housing Board saw new homes and housing improvements delivered during a period of economic crisis.

More than 1800 new affordable homes were made available; over 5000 homes benefited from improvement work;  nearly 6000 families were helped to avoid homelessness; a new safe refuge for women and children escaping domestic abuse was built; 227 new specialist homes with care for the elderly were created; and eco homes developments led the way in green construction. 

The programme also had a special focus on rural affordable housing, with a specialist team of enablers employed to develop 550 local homes for local people in the most rural parts of the county.

The investment – from the former Regional Housing Board and the Homes and Communities Agency – enabled North Yorkshire authorities to coordinate their plans to deliver housing in a number of priority areas. 

“When we put together our investment plan in early 2007 we couldn’t have known how important it was going to be to provide new affordable homes for people in need,” said Cllr Richard Foster, Chair of the Housing Board.

“Our plan took us through a time of turmoil for the housing industry, and provided a much needed investment into North Yorkshire and York not just to deliver new homes but make sure existing homes are improved and safe.

“By working together we made the public investment we received stretch much further, and have delivered some excellent and much needed outcomes for local people. We know we are living in different times now, and we cannot rely on so much Central Government help in the current difficult economic circumstances.  But by continuing to focus on our local priorities as a partnership of Councils and National Parks in North Yorkshire, we believe we can continue to meet the local needs of our communities, and direct our resources to good effect.”

In York 538 affordable homes were delivered over the investment period. They included homes for affordable home ownership as well as rent,  and supported housing for homeless people and other vulnerable groups. The investment also saw the opening in 2010 of a new extra-care home of 41 apartments as well as new  bungalows on the three former ‘discus’ bungalow sites across the city. 

In the private sector 865 homeowners over the age of 60 were made warmer. Their homes were insulated with free loft and /or cavity wall insulation; saving up to  £200 on fuel bills.  Where the homeowner was over the age of 70 they were also eligible for central heating. In addition more than 425 private homes were made safe and healthy after essential repairs were carried out. 

  • The Local Government North Yorkshire and York Housing Board is the governing body of the North Yorkshire Strategic Housing Partnership.  It comprises elected Member representation from all North Yorkshire Local Authorities and National Parks, and representation from the Homes and Communities Agency.
  • The North Yorkshire Housing Strategy and Local Investment Plan is available on the partnership websitewww.northyorkshirestrategichousingpartnership.co.uk
Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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