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Hurricane Katia hits Yorkshire


6:46am 13th September 2011
(Updated 11:48am 14th September 2011)

A motorist has died and an 11-year-old boy's been taken to hospital - after the tail end of Hurricane Katia brought winds of 80 mile an hour.

Thousands were left without power last night as gusty weather caused damage to buildings

There was alot of travel disruption too.

In County Durham, a driver died when a tree hit a car.

Meanwhile, an 11-year-old boy in Bradford was hit when a roof was blown off a garage.

In North Yorkshire the police attended 38 weather related incidents in just 8 hours.

They included fallen trees, road closures to high sided vehilcles and a 24 year old man going to hospital after being knocked off his motorbike because of the wind.

This is a photo from Nicky which is outside their b&b Pinfold Cottage in Fulford.

wonky tree


A full round up of the wind related incidents in North Yorkshire are below.

8.05am – A large branch in the road on the A684 outside Collier Holme Farm, near Hawes.

The branch was removed by the landowner and the road was clear at 9.30am.

10am – Reports of large branches in both lanes of the A66 westbound carriageway near Scotch Corner. The road was not blocked but passing the branches was difficult.

The Highways Agency dealt with the incident and the road was clear at 10.30am.

11.25am – A large tree blown down at Knayton near Thirsk, between Hillside Caravan Park and Kennel Farm on Moor Road.

The road was blocked by the fallen tree and the Highways Agency were called to deal with the incident.

11.55am – Reports of a tree in the road at Tanton Bridge, Stokesley.

A local farmer used a chain saw and tractor to break the tree up and remove it from the road.

12.10pm – A large tree branch was reported to be blocking the A64 at Rillington, near Scarborough.

Contractors working in the area removed the branch and the road was clear at 1.10pm.

12.30pm – A fallen tree completely blocked the B6265 at Hebden, near Skipton.

The road was impassable and traffic was forced to turn back.

Local people and contractors used chain saws to cut the tree up, which was estimated to weigh around five tonnes.

The road was clear at 3.15pm.

12.35pm – A car was damaged by a large falling branch on Richmond Road at Skeeby. The driver of the vehicle was uninjured but the fallen branch blocked the carriageway.

Highways Agency officials attended and the scene was clear at 2.45pm.

1pm – Reports of a large branch in the road at Middleton Tyas near Richmond.

Police contacted the Highways Agency who dealt with the incident.

1.05pm – Police received reports of a fallen tree on Crossways Drive, Harrogate.

Officers attended the scene but the tree had moved before their arrival.

1.20pm – Police attended reports of a fallen tree on Station Road in Thirsk.

Officers and staff from Thirsk Racecourse removed the tree from the road and it was broken up by the racecourse staff.

1.50pm – A tree was reported to be partially blocking the road between Great Smeaton and Hornby, near Northallerton.

The incident was dealt with by the Highways Agency and the road was cleared at 2.25am.

1.55pm – Reports of a tree blocking Follifoot Lane near Kirby Overblow, Harrogate.

The incident was dealt with by the Highways Agency.

2pm – A66 closed to high-sided vehicles due to strong winds.

2.05pm – A 24-year-old man was taken to York District Hospital with back injuries after he was knocked off his motorcycle on the A59 at Moor Monkton.

His injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

2.10pm – Reports of a fallen tree blocking the road at Brandsby Bank.

Highways Agency contacted to deal with the incident.

2.20pm – Large tree down near Gallowshill Park, on Knaresborough Road, Ripon.

The owner of the tree used a chain saw to cut it up and remove it form the road.

2.25pm – Police called to Deighton near Northallerton after reports of fallen trees in the road.

Officers managed to move one of the trees to the side of the road and called the Highways Agency to deal with the other tree.

2.25pm – Tree down on Thirsk Road, Stokesley. Highways Agency called to remove it from the carriageway.

2.25pm – Large tree branch blocking the B6252 at Thornton in Craven, near Skipton.

Highways Agency dealing with the incident.

2.30pm – Tree blocking the Forest Lane, Alne, near Easingwold. A local farmer used his tractor to clear the tree off the road.

2.35pm – Tree down at Wass Bank. Highways Agency dealing.

2.40pm – Officers called to Hagg Side Lane, Ebberston, near Scarborough. A fallen tree had split into three parts – one of which was hanging in a dangerous position over the carriageway.

2.40pm – Reports that high winds whipping up dust across the A1 between junctions 49 and 50, reducing visibility to between 10 and 15ft. Police advise caution.

2.50pm – Tree down at Great Langton, near Northallerton. Highways Agency dealing.

2.55pm – Two trees down and completely blocking the road outside the Army Foundation College at Killinghall, Harrogate.

Highways Agency dealing.

3.05pm – Police called to North Park Road, Harrogate, after reports of a tree in the road.

Officers move tree and clear the road.

3.05pm – Fire Service report a tree partially blocking Wetherby Road in Knaresborough.

A local tree surgeon removed the tree and the road was clear at 3.45pm.

3.05pm – Tree completely blocking Station Road, Alne. Highways Agency dealing.

3.05pm – Large branch blocking both sides of the B1222 at Cawood.. A local farmer cleared the road.

3.20pm – Strong winds blew a bale of hay onto Muston Raod, Hunmanby. Local farmer retrieved the bale and cleared the road.

3.25pm – Tree down at Lund House Green, Harrogate, blocking the road. Highways Agency dealing.

3.25pm – A tree blew down on Towthorpe Road, Strensall, York, hitting a passing car.

Road completely blocked and ambulance in attendance. Extent of injuries unknown but not believed to be serious.

Highways agency attending to remove tree from the road.

3.30pm – Tree blocking the road at Appleton Wiske, near Northallerton. Highways Agency dealing.

3.30pm – Two members of the public removed a tree which was blocking the A6055 at Boroughbridge.

3.40pm – Tree down between Hutton Rudby and Crathorne. Highways Agency dealing.

3.55pm – Tree down on the B1292, blocking half of the road at Great Ayton. Highways Agency dealing.

4.10pm – Tree blown down at Sedbusk, near Hawes. A local gardener removed the tree from the road.

Below, watch the moment a roof hit 15 cars in Durham because of the wind.

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