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Smoking ban plans slammed by Yorkshire MEP


12:01am 30th August 2011

Moves to extend the smoking ban to open spaces have been criticised by MEP Godfrey Bloom.
It has emerged that councils are planning to make use of the Localism Bill to follow New York's lead in extending the ban on indoor smoking to open places such as parks, play areas and streets.
'We have already seen the dreadful impact the smoking ban has had on the pub trade resulting in hundreds of pubs across the UK shutting down.
'If this new proposal goes through it will mean no more going out for a walk and having a smoke," said Mr Bloom, UKIP Euro-MP for Yorkshire and North Lincolnshire.
"I do not believe there is any evidence to show that anyone, young or old, has been adversely affected by second hand smoke in the open air.
"It may well be considered a bad role model for children to see adults smoking but for many it happens in their own homes and it features in so many television programmes and films."
"Education is needed to deter people from smoking - not heavy handed rules from bureaucrats who want to dictate every aspect of our lives.
"I've heard it claimed by one council busybody that It is getting to a stage where people think it is socially unacceptable in parks. I've never heard such twaddle."
And Godfery warns: "The obese better beware, they'll be after you next and eating in the street will be first for the chop."

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