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Doggie facelift in Selby

Junior - after his surgery

1:16pm 17th August 2011
(Updated 1:17pm 17th August 2011)

If you think that cosmetic surgery is reserved for the likes of Katie Price and Donatella Versace, then think again because now it seems that even our pets are getting in on the act.

According to Petplan, the UK's largest pet insurance provider, 'plastic surgery' claims from pet owners are on the up.

From facelifts and nose jobs to orthodontic work, it seems now our cats and dogs are getting the rock-star treatment with procedures to enhance even the droopiest nose and toothiest smile.  

One woman in Selby gave her dog, Junior, a face lift.

Denise Smart's told Minster FM they went ahead with the procedure to give him a better quality of life.

PICTURE: Junior pre and post facelift 


Junior - after his surgery


photo Junior 2

But fear not, the nation's beloved moggies and pups aren't following in the footsteps of the stars for vanity reasons, the rise in cosmetic surgery is to help them live healthier and more active lives.

According to the pet insurance provider, claims worth a whopping £1.5 million were paid out on nose surgery in 2010 alone, with the majority of cases to either shorten a pet's soft palate or widen its nostrils to help fix breathing issues.s.

Petplan is also starting to see more and more pets have their teeth rebuilt which amounted to just under £220,000 of claims last year which includes procedures like crowns.  This is proven to be better for the animal rather than removing teeth all together.

Petplan Vet of the Year Brian Faulkner says:

"So called plastic surgery is something we have to do regularly to improve the quality of lives in the pets we see as well and repair injuries and deformities.  For example, facelifts are commonly required in breeds with excessively drooping eyelids, skin grafts for wounds, soft palate trimming in short faced breeds."   

Isabella von Mesterhazy , Petplan's Head of Marketing, comments:

"We know that 99% of pet owners consider their pets to be an integral member of the family so it's no surprise that they will go to any length to ensure that their pet is able to lead a healthy and active life."

"With Petplan's Covered for Life policy, your pet is not only covered for these types of genetic conditions which often require surgery but also for any ongoing rehabilitation or further treatment for the condition.  Petplan has actually seen a dramatic rise in claims like genetic skin conditions. In fact, a staggering £1.5 million was claimed on genetic skin conditions in 2010 in the UK alone, so it's well worth preparing for any eventuality."

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