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1,805 motorists caught speeding in North Yorkshire


5:07pm 16th August 2011

North Yorkshire's new mobile speed camera has caught 1,805 motorists in its first month in operation.

The majority have been issued with either a fine, points on their licence or told they must attend a speed awareness course.

In 37 cases though, the driver has been summoned to court for "excessive speed."


Of the 1,805 motorists caught exceeding the speed limit, 37 have been summonsed to court for excessive speed. They will be facing court proceedings over the coming months and possible driving bans.

1,387 offenders have been offered speed awareness courses. This is offered to first-time offenders travelling marginally over the speed limit. The course, which costs £93 is designed to educate motorists on the importance of driving safely and is proven to have a positive long-term effect on behaviour. It also means your licence is not endorsed with a speeding offence.

In addition 381 people were offered conditional offers of fixed penalty notices.

Inspector Dave Brown, Head of Strategic Roads Policing Group for North Yorkshire Police, said:

"We are disappointed that so many people have been found to be exceeding the speed limits. In particular the 37 who have been travelling significantly over the legal limit.

"We hope these results reinforce the message that speeding is unacceptable and will not be tolerated on our roads. If you speed you are now more likely to be caught in North Yorkshire than ever before. Speed kills, ignore the law and you will be punished."

The safety camera is one of a number of tools the police use to enforce speed limits across North Yorkshire.

Police and partner agencies carry out numerous operations throughout the county to address speeding motorists.

The camera technology used within the van can detect the speed of approaching and receding traffic from up to 1,000 metres away and captures 360 degree images of the location.

The device is particularly effective at detecting motorcycles and produces high-quality images of vehicles and the riders or drivers.

A six-month pilot was launched on 1st July 2011 in a bid to reduce road casualties across North Yorkshire.

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