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Constant pain for Osteoarthritis sufferers


12:00am 16th August 2011

A survey amongst 249 people in York highlights the extent of the burden that osteoarthritis (OA) pain has on the residents of the city.

The survey was conducted at the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point, an initiative piloted in York.

The Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point provided people with OA the opportunity to have a private consultation with a nurse, where they were offered the latest information on pain management strategies to help make an informed choice on how best to manage the constant pain caused by their OA.

Stationed at Poppleton Garden Centre and Coppergate Shopping Centre over 12 days in July, the Information Point, which is initiated and funded by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited in partnership with the charity Arthritis Care, provided advice and consultations to more than 1,200 people with OA.

The survey of 249 visitors to the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point reveals that: 98% have been diagnosed with OA1 85% experience constant pain because of their OA most of the day and/or night1 OA pain has a ‘huge’ impact on the everyday lives of 63% of those surveyed1 32% described their current pain management regime as ‘not that effective’ in alleviating their OA pain1 A further 18% described it as ‘not at all effective’.

Susan Nixon, one of the nurses providing private consultations at the York Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point says:

“It’s clear osteoarthritis pain has a significant impact on those living with the condition, but despite this, some are reluctant to speak to a healthcare professional as they don’t want to make a fuss, or don’t realise there are alternatives to their current pain management plan.

"If they’re not getting sufficient relief with their current treatment, it’s advisable they visit their GP.”

"For those who were unable to visit the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point in York, a new website has been launched containing the latest information on OA pain. It also offers advice on how to prepare for an appointment with a GP, including a pain diary to help people with OA explain the impact their condition is having on their day-to-day life.”

Bryan Shearsmith, a resident of York with osteoarthritis who visited the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point, says:

“The constant dull ache of my osteoarthritis pain was preventing me from living my life to the full. I was reluctant to talk to a doctor, but as soon as I realised that it was hampering my life I knew that I had to.

"I was also unsure about the different options available to help alleviate my pain. The treatment I received has allowed me to manage my osteoarthritis and the pain it causes me, and helped me to get on with my life.

"Visiting the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point and talking to the nurse has made many other patients feel a lot more confident about talking to their doctor and will hopefully help them to make the right choice about a pain management plan that suits them.”

The Daily Impact of Osteoarthritis (OA)

Across the UK some 8.5 million people currently live with OA,2 a condition that affects the joints, causing pain and stiffness. A recent survey of 202 people with OA, carried out by YouGov on behalf of Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited, has revealed the day-to-day impact of the condition, with eight out of ten (84%) stating they experience OA pain most or all of the time despite their current pain medication.

For people with OA, the everyday activities that many of us take for granted, such as walking, gardening and even sleeping, can be fraught with difficulty – with four out of ten (43%) stating their OA pain affects their ability to walk a ‘large amount’,3 while six out of ten (64%) state it affects their ability to sleep a ‘fair amount’(33%), ‘a large amount’(26%), or that it makes sleeping ‘impossible’(5%).

For more information on OA and the Osteoarthritis Pain Information Point, Click here.

This campaign has been initiated and funded by Napp Pharmaceuticals Limited in partnership with Arthritis Care.

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