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Local MP speaks out against recent riots

Julian Sturdy

3:22pm 11th August 2011
(Updated 4:46pm 11th August 2011)

Like many local residents, Julian Sturdy, Member of Parliament for York Outer, has been utterly disgusted by the rioting scenes which have dominated our TV screens since last Saturday.

In light of the riots, the Prime Minister recalled Parliament today and Mr Sturdy was present in the House to listen to the Government's update on the situation. On a local front, Mr Sturdy has written to the North Yorkshire and York Police to ask what preparations are in place should any disturbances spread to York.

Commenting on the recent unrest, Mr Sturdy said:
"I have been shocked and appalled by the recent riots in London and elsewhere in England over the past few days. Without question, I believe that the recent violence and appalling disorder is sheer criminality."

"Many communities have been shattered by the actions of mindless thugs and opportunistic thieves.  I do not believe for one moment that the events of the past few days have anything to do with political protest or ideological grievances. Rather, a complete lack of common decency and individual responsibility has taken hold in small pockets of our communities."

"All of those who have been arrested must now face the full force of the law and I truly believe that a wide range of measures must now be taken to address discipline in our schools, parental responsibility and our ability to tackle anti-social behaviour."

"Here in York, I have been in touch with the North Yorkshire and York Police to ensure that all necessary preparations are in place should the disorder spread. In addition, I shall be going out with the police on Friday evening to witness firsthand the situation on the ground in our patch."

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