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Riot reaction

London Riots 2

9:29am 11th August 2011
(Updated 3:23pm 11th August 2011)

North Yorkshire police are upping their presence on the streets by a third.

That means no rest days for officers in the county.

The force have confirmed they've not yet cancelled annual leave - but that will be looked at again next week.

For 6 days police will work extended hours and some PCSOs could work up to 12 hour shifts.

A police spokesperson says:

"Following a meeting today with all Chief Constables and the Home Secretary, Theresa May, North Yorkshire Police have cancelled rest days for all warranted officers of all ranks.

"This will be for a period of seven days from today (10 August 2011).
"Annual leave has not been cancelled at this time, however, the position will be reassessed next week.  

"In addition, some specialist departments which comprise of police staff, will by agreement, work extended hours and PCSOs have been asked to work up to 12-hour shifts.

"This is necessary to enable North Yorkshire Police to provide an increased policing presence of over a third more officers in our own communities, and to meet its regional and national commitments during this unprecedented period of exceptional demand.

"This position has the full support of the Police Federation, the Superintendents' Association and Unison."


Police beef up patrols

North Yorkshire Police is increasing its patrols in response to the riots.

A third more police officers than usual are being deployed across the county.

Officers have told Minster FM they're continuing to monitor the outbreak of disorder in other parts of England as well as providing mutual aid as part of a national policing effort.   

The move to bolster reassurance and security in North Yorkshire and the City of York with a highly visible policing presence, comes on the back of the support provided by the force to the Metropolitan Police Service in London and, overnight, to assist colleagues in Greater Manchester.

The team of officers in London remain in the capital while the officers who assisted in the north west returned this morning.
Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Tim Madgwick, said:

"Our support for the national operation remains under 24-hour review as does the monitoring of the safety of our own communities in North Yorkshire and the City of York.

"Taking part in the national operation will in no way affect our ability to deal with any incidents which arise in the county or the day-to-day policing in North Yorkshire. In fact, following temporary changes to the shift system to enable the emergency response, we now have a third more officers on duty than normal, as well as other officers on standby should anything incidents be reported in North Yorkshire. This will continue until we are satisfied that the matter has been resolved."

"The threat to North Yorkshire and the City of York is currently low, and there have been no reported incidents of disorder. However, we will continue to monitor the situation and anyone who is caught attempting to cause trouble, whether on the streets or via the internet, will face swift justice.

"In line with other areas of the country, we are already geared up to fast-track offenders through the criminal justice system.

"We remain greatly encouraged by the support shown for the emergency services from law-abiding members of the public, and I repeat our appeal to local people to contact the police if they see or hear anything suspicious."

Please call North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 24 7. If you do not want to give your name, you can pass information to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

If your safety is under threat, you must dial 999.

Yorkshire MEP Godfrey Bloom has also been speaking out about the riots.

Mr Bloom says:

"Recent urban riots should come as no great surprise. The country has, for some time, harboured an underclass of people who have no respect for anything or their fellow citizens. 

"I have been visiting estates in my constituency for years at the request of frightened pensioners and ordinary families who have been intimidated by packs of youths roaming like feral dogs, moreover with complete immunity.

"It has been brought about by a Home Office with no interest in enforcing the law, a Crown Prosecution Service who seem only to prosecute householders, who try to protect themselves, and a police ‘service’ led by wishy washy Chief Constables with sociology degrees and Common Purpose membership cards, who are worse than useless. 

"I have a file full of platitudes from senior police officers who are ‘engaging with the local community’, ‘liaising with community leaders’, ‘building bridges’ and all the other clap trap that has manifested itself in this complete breakdown in law and order.

"Yet only yesterday one of my staff saw police officers with speed guns hiding behind hedges at 8 o’clock in the morning in rural Yorkshire.  Such deployment of officers under the current circumstances would be laughable if it was not so tragic.

"Away then with our hopeless politically correct jobsworths at every level and put someone in charge with some back bone and leadership ability.  Maybe armed service officers, but perhaps there are still some real policemen who have been kept in the junior ranks because of their ‘old fashioned’ views on law enforcement.


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