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Consultation on Union Terrace Car & Coach Park

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11:28am 5th August 2011

City of York Council’s Cabinet has approved plans to consult residents and local businesses on five options regarding the sale of Union Terrace Car and Coach Park.

The options have been worked up by the council in response to concerns raised by the local business community and residents.

Further discussions have now taken place with YSJU, who have identified and concluded that a smaller area of land could be taken from the car park area of the site. This would still enable the expansion plans to go ahead, but also enable parking to be retained at Union Terrace.

If agreed, residents will be consulted on the following options:

Option A: selling part of the site, retaining 27 coach spaces, one mini bus space and three accessible car parking spaces.

Option B: selling part of the site, retaining 20 coach spaces, four accessible car parking spaces, 15 car parking spaces and two car club spaces.

Option C: selling part of the site, retaining 23 coach spaces, seven accessible car parking spaces, 19 car parking spaces and two car club spaces.

Option D: selling part of the site, retaining 33 coach spaces and six accessible car parking spaces.

Option E: selling part of the site, retaining 34 coach spaces, two mini bus spaces, seven accessible car parking spaces, 47 car parking spaces and two car club spaces.

The consultation will be available online (www.york.gov.uk) from tomorrow (5 August). Paper copies will be available at the reception points at 9 St Leonard’s and the Guildhall, as well as for residents bordering the Union Terrace site and traders in the immediate vicinity. The consultation will run for six weeks until Friday 16 September.

Key principles behind the consultation are:

  • No loss of coach parking spaces across the city.
  • Some if not all of the coach parking will remain on the Union Terrace site.
  • Accessible parking protected.
  • Call for York St John University to have a retail forum to engage with local businesses and support their development.
  • Call for York St John University to use local construction workers.

York St John University have also been asked to establish a retail forum to look at how local communities and companies could benefit from the expansion plans.

For details and schematics of the five options please visit www.york.gov.uk


The Labour Cabinet’s decision to press ahead with the sale of large parts of the Union Terrace car and coach park could be reconsidered after opposition Councillors ‘called in’ the decision for further scrutiny.

Calling in the decision means that it will now be looked at again by Councillors on the Scrutiny Management Committee, who will decide whether or not to ask the Cabinet to reconsider.

The decision was called in by Liberal Democrat Group Leader Councillor Carol Runciman, Conservative Leader Ian Gillies and Independent Councillor Mark Warters.

Councillor Runciman said the consultation agreed by the Labour Cabinet last night was flawed. She said,

“Labour claim that they are consulting on five different options, but in reality the options are just five different variants of the same option.”

“Each of their proposals involves selling part of the site to York St John University. People responding to the consultation aren’t going to be given the choice to say that no part of the car or coach park should be sold at all.”

“Labour’s recent manifesto promised meaningful consultation with the residents of York, it would seem that Labour are only willing to listen to the views of residents when they agree with the decisions they have already taken.”

Councillor Runciman added, “It is clear that James Alexander had already decided to sell the site to York St John. The leaked minutes of the Labour group meeting held in July show that he personally ensured that the ‘no sale’ option was removed from the consultation.”

“More than 22,000 people have so far signed a petition against the sale of the car and coach park, but their opinion doesn’t fit with James Alexander’s decision. He has chosen to ask five versions of a different question to see if that will come up with a result that suits him.”

“It makes a mockery of so called consultation. If the Cabinet want to hear the views of residents they should ensure that the consultation contains a full range of options, including ‘no sale’. If they don’t want to listen then they shouldn’t be wasting everyone’s time with what is nothing more than an exercise in self justification and spin.”

PICTURES: People protesting outside the Guildhall, York against the sale of the Union Street Car Park. Over 20,000 people have signed a petition:

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