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What caused the Air France plane crash?


12:49pm 29th July 2011
(Updated 3:21pm 29th July 2011)

Pilot errors and equipment failures.

That's what air accident investigators have stated caused the Air France plane crash in 2009.

All 228 passengers on board were killed, including Arthur Coakley from Whitby.

PICTURED BELOW: Arthur Coakley:


The report says pilots didn't react correctly, when speed sensors failed and the plane lost altitude.

Flight 447 from Rio to Paris was the worst crash in Air France's history.

Officials are now recommending pilots receive more training, and new safety guidelines have been issued.

Details of the Air Acciodent Report from media agency Reuters

Air France defended the pilots on a jet which crashed in the Atlantic two years ago and said stall warnings at the centre of a new crash report were misleading.

French investigators said ealier the crew of the Rio-Paris flight failed to discuss repeated warnings the aircraft had stalled, or lost lift, and failed to follow textbook procedures.        

Air France said there were multiple probable factors behind the loss of an Airbus with all 228 people on board and that a chain of events had started with speed data problems.    

"After the manoeuvres carried out by the crew in deteriorated and destabilizing piloting conditions, the aircraft stalled at high altitude, could not be recovered and struck the surface of the Atlantic Ocean at high speed," it said in statement.        

"It should be noted that the misleading stopping and starting of the stall warning alarm, contradicting the actual state of the aircraft, greatly contributed to the crew's difficulty in analyzing the situation."

It said investigators had not found any reason to question the crew's technical skills.

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