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What do we think of the middle East uprising

Stop the war

9:28am 15th July 2011

"THE ARAB SPRING" A  Public Discussion between  Edward McMillan-Scott, MEP for Yorkshire and the Humber, Vice President of the European Parliament with special responsibility for democracy and human rights, and professor Mohamed El-Gomati, Professor of Electronics at the University of York, a British academic of Libyan heritage.
York Against the War is holding this public meeting:
                                                   On: Friday July 15th (Friday this week)
                                                   At: 7.00pm
                                                   In: Friends' Meeting House, Friargate, YORK
Like many others, members of York Against the War have watched with mixed hope and apprehension the successive uprisings against dictatorial regimes in the Arab world that have been collectively named "The Arab Spring".  We have seen relative success in Tunisia; revolutionary impetus dampened in Egypt; rebels backed by NATO in Libya; and heroic uprisings brutally suppressed in Bahrain and Syria.
At this point, still in the very midst of these historic days, we are privileged to announce a public discussion - with opportunity for audience participation - led by two distinguished speakers with backgrounds and experience relevant to the issues raised by these events.
Edward McMillan-Scott has been Member of the European Parliament for York and surrounding area since 1984 - for the Conservatives until 2009, when he was expelled for opposing their choice of allies in Europe, and since then for the Liberal Democrats.  

In a previous career as a young tour manager he travelled in North Africa, and subsequently has travelled "in all parts of the Arab world except the Gulf", meeting dissidents and reformers.  In 1992 he founded the European Democracy Initiative, supporting democratic movements in eastern Europe, and more recently in the Islamic world.  

He was the chief parliamentary observer of Palestinian elections in 2005 and 2006.  
Professor Mohamed El-Gomati is a British citizen, and a Yorkshireman, with a Libyan heritage, who still has family in Libya and visits the country whenever possible - most recently last year.  His daughter and son have been working there until this year.  His upbringing and education spanned
several countries, and indeed continents.  More recently, besides being a full-time professor at the University of York, he still travels widely, as a consultant to industrial concerns in the US, Japan and Europe.  As well as all this, he is a founder member of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign in York,
and an active member of the York Mosque, which he represents as a speaker on various issues.
We think the Arab Spring is as important as any event on the contemporary scene, and our two speakers as well qualified in their different ways as anyone could be to discuss it.  We hope very much you will be kind enough to publicise this meeting as fully as possible.
Click here for more details about York against the war. 

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