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Police free dog from a car in Thirsk


4:09pm 5th July 2011

North Yorkshire Police are warning dog owners not to leave their pets unattended in cars during the hot weather.

Officers in Thirsk were forced to smash a window of a grey Citroen C5 in the Market Place yesterday (Monday 4th July 2011) to rescue two dogs who appeared to be in distress having being left in the vehicle without any water.

The owner had left two windows open by around three inches but the car still reached a dangerous temperature.

The dogs were spotted at around 3.15pm by an off duty officer, who called for assistance to free them.

The owner of the dogs, who had a lucky escape, was given strong words of advice from police.

Officers are now warning dog owners that they are prepared to force their way into vehicles if animals appear to be overheating.

Sergeant Frances Hannan, of Thirsk Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

"Obviously smashing a vehicle's windows is a last resort but we are prepared to take decisive action if we see dogs left in hot cars.

"Animals can quickly overheat and owners must be responsible and think about the welfare of their pets during this spell of warm weather.

"Even leaving dogs for a short period of time can have devastating consequences, therefore I am appealing to people to be careful and ensure the safety of their pets comes first."

If anyone has concerns for animals left in cars on hot days, please contact North Yorkshire Police on 0845 60 60 24 7.

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