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Beat the Sneak Thieves

Humberside police

12:00am 7th July 2011


With the summer now upon us, we all want to relax, enjoy the sun, potter around in the garden and to get out in the fresh air to do those little jobs around the house that have been waiting to be sorted out since the cold days of winter.

As I patrol my area, I see people up ladders, people working away in their gardens and others simply enjoying the warmer weather as everyone begins to emerge again after the bitter winter..

But, without sounding like a misery, there can be a downside to this if we’re not careful:

We often don’t consider home security or our property whilst we’re outside doing what I’ve described.

We might be out working in the garden, leaving windows or doors to our homes wide open. We might be out of sight of our open doors or windows, perhaps with a loud lawn mower or power tools going, and it is so easy in these circumstances for a sneak thief to take advantage of the situation, go inside our homes and steal things.

The same applies with our sheds and garages. We open these up to take out the tools that we want, but how often do we leave the doors wide open and go off into the garden leaving everything in them on display to passers by? How easy it then is for someone to take advantage of this situation and steal bikes, power tools or garden equipment!

And then there’s the car to consider: On a warm day, there might be a temptation to leave it parked up on the drive with its windows open to allow fresh air to circulate. But if we’re leaving it unattended, it is easy for someone to take items from it or even to steal it.

In all three of the circumstances I’ve outlined, there’s the potential to lose valuable property, have your house burgled, or lose your car!

And please remember to help us to help you! The kinds of thefts I have described are committed by opportunists who could be wandering around your neighbourhood looking to take advantage of people who leave their property insecure.

Don’t let them get away with it!

If you get a suspicious person or vehicle in your street, let us know by ringing Humberside Police on 0845 60 60 222 (or 999 if there’s a crime in progress). If you can safely do so, get registration numbers or note the description of the person seen and what they are doing. The more information we get, the better we can help you and your community. You may even prevent or help detect a crime! We’re already getting lots of good information this way, so help us to help you to keep your Neighbourhood Safe!

So do enjoy the sun, but think security but don’t become a victim of crime.

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