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Reward for bat detector


11:19am 4th July 2011

University of York biologists are offering a £150 reward for the return of a high-tech detector which was being used to monitor bats in the city.

The digital detector is believed to have been taken in the Bootham area from its location five metres up a tree.

Now the University has offered the reward to save a research project studying the effects of improving vegetation on York’s biodiversity whose future is in doubt because of the loss of the machine.

The equipment collects data which can only be analysed by specialist software and cannot be adapted for any other purpose.

The research project involves scientists in the University’s Department of Biology working with the City of York Council countryside officers, are studying the impact of improving vegetation on the abundance of insects and, consequently, the foraging habitat for bats.

Funded by the Peoples Trust for Endangered Species, the detector has found six species of bats so far in York.

Natalie Le Brun, a PhD student working on the project, said:

"We really need to retrieve the bat detector, as without it the project cannot go ahead. We are the first group to use this type of bat detector in the UK; they cannot be used without an expensive software package, so are no use to anyone else.â"

The detector is serial coded and protected through an immobiliser number meaning that it cannot be sold on.

University code: B002049

Immobilise code: 07 A 007534

Batcorder code: bc2-1307

For further information call 01904 328500 or e-mail to biology@york.ac.uk.

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