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York Railway Station reopened after earlier evacuation


5:21pm 1st July 2011
(Updated 10:49am 4th July 2011)

York Railway Station was evacuated earlier.

The British Transport Police originally confirmed reports of a sighting of a man carrying a gun on board a train.

Officers from North Yorkshire Police went carriage to carriage trying to locate this alleged person and they excorted two people off the train with sniffer dogs.

Minster FM understand these people matched a description given to officers of the suspects.

Originally there had been speculation that there was a bomb scare at the train station.

But the British Transport Police denied this.


A British Transport Police (BTP) spokesperson said:

“Police were called to York rail station at 3.34pm on Friday 1st July 2011 after a passenger reported seeing a man with a gun in his bag onboard the 13:30 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross service.

“The train was held at York station while armed units from North Yorkshire Police attended to search the train.

“Officers found no cause for alarm and the train was released.”

Minster FM spoke to a spokesperson from the BTP:




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