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Chief Constable's conduct inquiry cost £200,000


6:47pm 27th June 2011
(Updated 3:27pm 28th June 2011)

It cost council taxpayers in North Yorkshire more than £200,000 to investigate claims of misconduct against its chief constable and deputy.

Grahame Maxwell was given a final written warning for gross misconduct after helping a relative get a job.

The county's police authority figures show it spent £218,456 on the inquiry, including £43,929 of staff costs by people already paid by the authority who had to focus on the case.

Mr Maxwell admitted "disreputable conduct" at a behind-closed-doors disciplinary hearing in May.

PICTURED: Graham Maxwell


Commenting, North Yorkshire MP Julian Smith said:

“Today North Yorkshire taxpayers have further information on what the investigation into the Chief Constable has cost them.

“Taken with the one hundred thousand pounds spent by the Independent Police Complaints Commission, the amount of money this investigation has cost so far is over a quarter of a million pounds. In addition, this is not necessarily the end of the money spent as these figures do not include any money spent by the force itself.

“Had the Chief Constable admitted his guilt late last year, instead of at the very last minute, hundreds of thousands of pounds of taxpayers’ money could have been saved on legal costs. It is deeply regrettable that during challenging financial times, the actions of the county's leading police officer should have cost the Police Authority so much.”

“These figures are a further illustration of why Mr Maxwell no longer has the confidence of many of his officers or communities in North Yorkshire.”

In the week that trade unions are preparing for a summer long campaign of disruption to public services, Selby and Ainsty MP, Nigel Adams has spoken of his dismay that North Yorkshire taxpayers are currently paying almost £200,000 towards the salaries of union officials whilst important local services are said to be under threat.

Selby and Ainsty MP, Nigel Adams, said:

“Many North Yorkshire taxpayers will be outraged to learn that they are paying the wages of officials working for wealthy trade unions who are planning to strike and bring disruption to services across the county”

“It is absolutely fair that if employees want to be represented by a trade union, they should have that right, but the wage bill should be picked up by the trade union, not hard working taxpayers who are going to be the victims of industrial action which is being whipped up by the unions"

“At a time when there is a lot of protesting over cuts due to the catastrophic financial position left by the previous Government, not least from the Labour party and union activists, here we have a huge amount of North Yorkshire taxpayers money being spent on paying the wages of the activists who are doing the protesting. This use of taxpayers money is not justifiable and is plain wrong.”


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