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York's tough stance on shoplifting


3:58pm 23rd June 2011

On 22nd June, the first Exclusion Order resulting in an individual being excluded from all shops in York who are members of RACY (Retailers Against Crime York) was issued in York.   This equates to exclusion from approximately 210 stores, including outlets such as the Co-operative, Sainsburys, Spar and other high street chains.

The scheme is currently being piloted within the City Walls, however, if it demonstrates success within the city centre, it will be rolled out to other retail areas within the city.  Individuals who are deemed to be prolific and persistent offenders responsible for crime and anti-social behaviour on retail premises are considered by a panel comprised of membership from Safer York Partnership, RACY, North Yorkshire Police, Retail managers and Magistrates.  This ensures that any nominated individual is dealt with in a reasonable and proportionate way.

The Exclusion Orders are designed to exclude persistent and prolific offenders and troublemakers from RACY members’ premises and to reduce crime, antisocial behaviour and threats to staff.  They are independent of any previous criminal conviction, caution or antisocial behaviour order.

Jane Mowat, Director of Safer York Partnership said:

“We have worked closely with RACY and North Yorkshire Police to implement this scheme in the city centre in order to reduce the incidence of crime and antisocial behaviour within stores.  The scheme is designed to demonstrate to criminals that crime associated with retail premises in the city will not be tolerated.”

Once issued  with an Exclusion Order, the offender will be excluded for twelve months unless written confirmation is given by RACY to state that the exclusion has been withdrawn.  After this initial twelve month period, the  order may be withdrawn or continued.

Tackling Business Crime is one of the priorities in Safer York Partnership’s three year Community Safety Plan for York. Exclusion Orders are just one of the initiatives that are being developed to tackle crime associated with business premises across the city. 

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