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Fuel poverty brings misery to Yorkshire homes


12:00am 27th June 2011

Many households are bracing themselves for impact, waiting on tenterhooks for possible announcements from their energy companies of a price hike for gas and electricity; putting their bank balances and wellness seriously at risk.

With the potential of half a million households being plunged into fuel poverty irrespective of income, has the time now come that energy efficiency is no longer a life style choice and more of a necessity?

Half a million households could be plunged into fuel poverty as Scottish Power announce a hike in the cost of gas by 19% and the cost of electricity by 10%. The rise, due to take place on August 1st is four times the rate of inflation and households across the country are bracing themselves for impact as they fear other energy companies may follow suit.

The imminent changes have made it paramount that local council's prioritise energy efficiency and a new partnership with the Carbon Action Network has instigated a push to alleviate fuel poverty. With 5 million vulnerable households already fuel poor in the UK it is more crucial than ever that the foreseeable rise is kept to an absolute minimum.

Being conservative with energy has long been a lifestyle choice however the recent announcements have left people faced with two options: make their homes more energy efficient or face a tough financial struggle. As consumers are hit by this harsh realisation many are being swayed towards energy efficient organisations, some of which have partnerships with charitable associations.

Since Scottish Power announced its imminent hike in energy prices many households have been left fearing what lies ahead. With 5 million households suffering from 'fuel poverty' already across the UK, it is expected that this figure could rise to half a million. Worried consumers have been left with no other option than to make their homes more energy efficient or be at risk of being unable to afford their most basic living costs.

Minster FM has been finding out how North Yorkshire is fairing when it comes to fuel poverty.

York                         12,680     15.1%
Selby                         5,819     16.6%

Those stats mean that 1 in 7 people across North Yorkshire are living in fuel poverty by paying more than 10% of thier wages on energy bills.

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