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Malton operating theatre closes


11:33am 22nd June 2011
(Updated 11:34am 22nd June 2011)

Miss Anne McIntosh, MP for Thirsk, Malton and Filey, is alarmed at the closure of an operating theatre at Malton hospital.

Miss McIntosh said:

“There has been a failure by the Primary Care Trust to maintain this vital facility at Malton. This closure has happened at extremely short notice. It will be incredibly disappointing for those patients who were waiting for an operation to have been told it will have to be re-arranged.”

“There is a pattern recently of removing procedures from GP surgeries and community hospitals such as; the stopping of the diabetes test strips at GP surgeries, the removal of the diagnostic services at and the closure of the Maternity Unit at Malton Hospital and the removal of the Minor Injuries Units at both the Lambert and Friary Hospitals.”

“There has been a distinct lack of transparency from the PCT over funding and I suspect that the motivation for the running down of these facilities is financial.”

“I am also concerned at the lack of joined up decision making that has led to this closure. The facility itself is owned by the Primary Care Trust and the services are provided by York and Scarborough Hospital NHS Trusts. This is far from an ideal situation and is a recipe for confusion.”

“I have tabled Parliamentary Questions to the Health Secretary asking what the implications are going forward and how this situation will be resolved. The question is who will take over the Primary Care Trust owned facilities from 2013.”

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