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'Democracy Camp' set up in York


5:48pm 9th June 2011
(Updated 12:02pm 14th June 2011)

Campaigners against the government's program of cuts and privatisations have set up a protest camp in York's Library Square.

Announcing their 3-night sit-in, those taking part in "Democracy Camp York" want to spark debate on the Government's agenda at a time of widening inequality, increasing unemployment and attacks on education and healthcare.

The public are invited to take part in the camp's activities, and in writing a "Library Square Declaration" on Saturday.

There will be a "Speaker's Corner" type session from 5pm on Friday. Similar camps have taken place in Trafalgar Square in recent weeks. 

The location of the camp has been chosen because of its proximity to two vital services, the 'Explore Centre' and the Council's Housing Office, and its hoped that users of both will stop and share their concerns and experiences, whilst campers are clear they wish to defend and not obstruct both. 

In a statement, the camp has accused the government of ruling in favour of the wealthy few and with no mandate for most of the changes it is driving through. Privatisation, unemployment and the high costs of education will also be covered. 

On Tuesday, the GMB Union announced a report stating that jobless figures now outstrip active vacancies in the Yorkshire and Humberside area 6 times over.

Today, the Archbishop of Canterbury has used a guest editorial in the New Statesman to attack the Government's "radical, long-term policies for which no-one voted", warning of "indignation" at the lack of public debate.

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