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Marton FC suspended

Marton FC

4:45pm 2nd June 2011

Following an FA Charter Standard review meeting with officials from Marton FC held at County HQ the home of the North Riding County Football Association, it was decided that their FA Charter Standard Club status should be suspended for a further 12 months as a result of an unacceptable number of misconduct cases against the club.

After an initial meeting in January 2011 the North Riding County FA suspended Marton FC’s FA Charter Standard Club status until May 31st pending an improvement in behaviour.

Tom Radigan the Chief Executive said:

“Members of the County Development team have been working closely with Marton FC officials over the past 4 months delivering behaviour and Referee Awareness workshops.”

“Although this has been well received by the coaches and officials of Marton FC a subsequent number of misconduct cases against the club have been proven since our initial meeting in January.

"Because of this the North Riding County FA took the decision to suspend their FA Charter Standard status for the whole of the 2011/12 season. However, in recognition of the club’s efforts in addressing some of these problems the North Riding County FA has chosen to re-instate some of the benefits associated with the FA Charter Standard status.

The North Riding County Football Association has over 150 Charter Standard clubs who are monitored in the same way."

Steven Wade the County Development Manager said:

“This isn’t the first time that an FA Charter Standard club within this County has faced sanctions for unacceptable behaviour.

"The FA Charter Standard Programme provides recognition that clubs are well run and sustainable, with the safeguarding and development of children paramount.

"It also recognises a club's commitment to coaching, player and coach development, and the raising of standards of behaviour in the game - all of which are big priorities for the North Riding County FA.

Although the FA Charter Standard status has been suspended the North Riding County Development team is committed to working alongside Marton FC to help them to address some of the issues that the club is facing."

Jamie Clarke the North Riding County FA’s Respect Lead Officer said:

“Football Clubs and coaches need to take more responsibility to promote the correct behaviour at games, remembering that they are involved in children’s football, which is a learning and developmental environment for children.”

“All Junior leagues in the North Riding County have made a commitment to become an FA Respect League which will see them raise standards of behaviour. The FA’s Respect Programme will not happen overnight but is aimed at attempting to change behaviour within the game for the better. This is something that both the FA and the North Riding County FA are fully committed to long term.”

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