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Stop spending on the EU bailout


7:06am 17th May 2011

MEP Godfrey Bloom saidour Chancellor must refuse point blank to increase Britain's contribution to EU bailouts.

George Osborne is attending a series of EU meetings today to discuss the indebtedness of a number of EU nations.

Godfrey Bloom, UK Independence Party MEP says:

"He will tell us that Britain will not be involved in any further bail outs of Greece but he will not mention Portugal. This is because although Britain is not committed to further bail outs for Greece, it is committed to any package the EU comes up with to throw money at Portugal,"

"These bailouts are not working and British taxpayers should not have to pick up the tab. George Osborne can no longer blame the last Government for our involvement. As Denmark has just shown over border controls, Britain can act in our own interests against the wishes of the Euro elite".
"There is no justification - moral, economic or political - for Britain to continue to bailout those spendthrift nations of Europe to the tune of billions today and untold amounts in the future, while essential services are being closed at home,"

"It is time for Osborne to defend our national interests. Anything else would be a dereliction of duty. He should be clear about this. Unless he refuses point blank to increase Britain's contribution to these bailouts then he is saying he would prefer to see British libraries to close in order that we can keep Athenian libraries open".

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