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Uni fee fears


7:09am 3rd May 2011

Paying 9 thousand pounds a year for University could halt the amount of people applying.

There has been a huge surge in Yorkshire applicants to uni this year as students try and beat the new payment system.

But youngsters are being reminded that if they're just going this year because it's cheaper - they could be taking a place for someone who is desprate to go.

Recent reports about the planned rise in English university tuition fees in 2012 have rumbled on, with many students protesting about universities being able to charge up to £9,000 a year for their courses.

However, despite the rising cost, it seems that prospective students still see the value in higher education, with figures from March 2011 revealing that the number of UK applicants has increased by 1.4% compared to the same period last year.

Latest research has revealed that on average graduates have earned £12,000 a year more than non graduates over the past decade.

Graduates aged 22-64 had median salaries of £30,000 compared with £18,000 for non degree holders.

Earnings tend to increase faster for longer for graduates, peaking at the age of 51, and in addition male graduates can expect to earn on average 20% more than female graduates.

It is not only higher salaries that students can earn from going to university.

A recent survey found that on average graduates have 15 close friends compared to those without a degree having 10.

One in five graduates have settled down with someone they met at university and 60% of graduates believe that university contacts are just as important as a degree, with 41% claiming a friend from university set them up with a job interview.


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