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3D goes bonkers

3d glasses

7:47am 28th April 2011

33% of people in Yorkshire & Humberside would like to see the Champions league final in 3D

44% of respondents think that owning a 3D TV would impress their friends

61% think Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 will be the most successful 3D film at the Cinema this year

19% of people would like to see Lady Gaga in 3D  

28% would least like to see Katie Price in 3D

44% would consider buying a 3D TV so that they could watch the London Olympics 2012

Back in the good old days, having a colour TV was all that mattered.

However fast forward a few years and having a plasma TV laminated to the wall was the bee's knees. But that's not the case any more, and with technology moving forward in lightning speed so has our demand for inch perfect TVs, so that we can view our favourite celebs and sporting stars in all their full glory .

Nowadays the word on everyone's lips is 3D.           

New research released today by LG electronics reveals that Kelly Brook is the number one person that people would like to see in 3D, with one in five people saying they'd like to see her in an extra dimension. The model was more popular in the 3D poll than Kate Middleton (6%), Lady Gaga (18%) and Emma Watson (9%).

While Kelly is flying high in the charts, another model has topped the charts as the person Brits would least like to see in 3D.

Almost a third of people polled said that Katie Price would be the person they'd least like to see in 3D - making her even less popular than George Osbourne (10%), David Dickenson (13%) and Nightmare on Elm Street character, Freddie Kruger (13%).

The research also reveals that almost 40% of Britons would consider buying a 3D TV just to watch the London Olympics 2012 next year, with a further quarter (25%) saying that the Euro 2012 would also make them consider moving to a new dimension.

Music festivals, such as Glastonbury, also gets Brits excited with 24% admitting they would really enjoy the experience of watching their favourite artist live in 3D.   

With even more films hitting our screens in 3D this year, the survey reveals that two thirds (66%) of people think that Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 will be the most successful 3D film at the cinema this year. And it's not just films that are making families crave 3D, popular TV shows are also high in demand for a 3D make over with 13% of respondents saying that would like to see shows such as Coronation Street and My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding in a new dimension.

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