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Congestion charge row continues

Congestion charge row continues

5:29am 13th October 2009

The congestion charge debate is rumbling on in York this morning.

Councillors met last night to discuss ways of reducing traffic flow in the City.

Councillor Dave Merrett says the only other option is Smart Travel Planning, where residents will be asked to simply ditch their cars.

You've been getting in touch with us on this one

Yvonne from Rufforth was not impressed with the idea saying we needed to support local businesses.

Danny from York was concerned how it would effect his business.

And one annonymous texter said he could avoid the city centre on the way to work but questioned how driving an extra 8 miles was eco friendly.

But you're not all against it, Dave from Tang Hall says if people want less congestion they should be prepared to pay for it.

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