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Arts grants cut


10:48am 30th March 2011
(Updated 12:30pm 30th March 2011)

Below you can find out who has kept their grant from the Arts Council.


York Theatre Royal:

York Theatre Royal is pleased to announce that it is to receive funding from the Arts Council through the new National Portfolio Funding programme.

York Theatre Royal received notification today that the Arts Council will continue to fund the theatre from 2012 to 2015 at the same level of grant that it will receive in 2011/12.

York Theatre Royal will continue to be a major national producer of outstanding theatre and will maintain its reputation for artistic excellence through the originality and innovation of its storytelling. The theatre also stays committed to maintaining its exemplary work in engaging children and young people in the arts. York Theatre Royal has a particular reputation for its collaborative artistic relationships with other producers and this approach will continue to inform its work.

Liz Wilson, Chief Executive of York Theatre Royal commented:

"This announcement today recognises the outstanding work of the theatre. It will allow York Theatre Royal to continue to be a significant producer of theatre and most importantly it will maintain the theatre for its large audience of theatregoers and participants. The theatre had made a bid for increased funds to invest further in the theatre that we produce for children and families and to support young people as the artists of the future. This funding decision will make some of our plans harder to achieve, but we will make this money work hard for the benefit of our audience, supporters and collaborators."

Artistic Director, Damian Cruden commented:

"The news that we remain a funded organisation is very welcome and whilst our plans for future development will be restrained by our straightened circumstance we are able to continue to expand and develop our work and practice. We are also keenly aware of others less fortunate than ourselves and remain committed to the principle of publicly funded art that is available to all. Any reduction in the provision of the arts will ultimately have an impact upon the entire industry, none of us stand alone in this. That many will lose their living as a consequence of cuts, represents the reality of the times we live in."

York Theatre Royal has announced its Ensemble Season for 2011 which sees the theatre transform its main stage in to the round for seven months, producing six productions in the main house and a further two in its Studio theatre. A repertory company of actors will be based at the theatre working not only on the productions, but a strong educational and research programme throughout the period.

York Theatre Royal remains committed to offering a rich and diverse programme of creative activities. It is nationally recognised as an inspiring centre for children and young people participating in the arts and as a specialist in creating highly original and engaging theatre for families that has helped to grow audiences for theatre regionally and nationally. It will continue to work with its artistic partners to create a significant body of work that has regional and national impact.


Yorkshire Dance:

Yorkshire Dance is delighted to announce that its application to the National Portfolio Funding programme has been successful. The Arts Council has decided to offer Yorkshire Dance the following levels of funding:

2012-2013         2013-2014         2014-2015

£323,600           £331,366           £339,982


This is a conditional offer, subject to a funding agreement between ACE and Yorkshire Dance.

Yorkshire Dance champions the development of dance in Yorkshire.

Together with artists we will use this funding to continue our work raising standards of teaching, choreographic development and community practice, increasing knowledge and understanding of community dance, of the creative process, of performance and appreciation, and fostering creativity and innovation with communities, artists, teachers and managers.

1,333 applications were received for National portfolio funding, which asked for almost a third more than the budget available. ACE announced this morning that 695 will be funded.

While we are very pleased to receive this offer, and very grateful to Arts Council England for this recognition of the value of our work across Yorkshire, we wait anxiously for news from our partners and other dance organisations across the region and nationwide.

Yorkshire Dance has received ACE funding worth £185,639 for 2011-2012 (a 6.9% reduction on 2010/2011).


Junction in Goole:

This morning Arts Council England announced that Junction in Goole has secured a place in the new National Portfolio for the period 2012-2015, and will receive funding of £72,000 each year for this period. 

Charlie Studdy, Arts & Leisure Manager at Junction and Goole Town Council says:

 ‘We are delighted with the result. It not only means that we can continue to present great art, but that we can improve the programme, take more risks, provide better support for artists and engage further with the local community – basically we can do even more of the great work we’re already doing, and we can do it even better.’

Junction is a multi-award-winning, mixed-use arts venue in Goole, East Yorkshire, operated and managed by Goole Town Council. The £3.1M facility opened in November 2009 and was funded by Arts Council England, Yorkshire Forward, Goole Town Council and East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Arts Council England on the successful application says:

‘Junction is an example of an organisation that operates… without any compromise on the quality of work presented. They are very well placed to help us deliver ‘Great art for everyone’ and will represent extremely good value in return for our increased investment.‘

Junction's arts team identified future priorities as promoting excellence in the arts, expanding the level of programming and increasing audience development and marketing. The new funding for 2012/2015 will allow for more regular events, several major one-off arts projects, and a Nurturing Excellence programme, to support the professional and artistic development of innovative and exciting artists and companies.

Charlie Studdy, Arts & Leisure Manager for Goole Town Council says:

“Compared to The Gate theatre, which closed in 2009, this new level of ACE investment more accurately represents what is required for delivery of a larger, high quality and accessible arts programme in the new building, yet still gives outstanding value for money in delivering the Arts Council’s key objective of Great Art for Everyone.”

Junction will continue to create a balance between maximising box office income and presenting art that challenges and inspires local audiences, as well as providing a home for local and regional amateur groups, such as Castaway Music Theatre, Goole’s inclusive performance company. The team at Junction will ensure that great art is not only brought into the town, but is created within the building.

Junction intends to steadily increase the number of professional performances each year, and to increase audience figures. 

Helen Tawn, Box Office Manage says:

‘We’ve already seen some big jumps in ticket sales recently, in particular with The King’s Speech, Mike Harding, Badapple Theatre, Heather Peace and Black Swan, and we expect further increases in audience figures over the coming months, based on the strength of our new Summer Season.

Increased attendances will be achieved through a number of initiatives, including the development of an advocate scheme, recruiting groups of local audiences to watch performances, discuss the work, write reviews and provide feedback on the programme and their experiences of the venue.

Chris Williams, Marketing Officer at Junction says:

‘Our advocate programme will not only help to promote the venue, but will provide the opportunity for local people to become actively involved in shaping local arts provision, as well as developing a more critical, imaginative and interactive relationship with the arts.’

Much of Junction's varied participatory programme is aimed at children and young people. This will continue, with additional specialist projects, professional mentors and performance opportunities outside of Junction.

The venue will further develop its relationships with primary schools and stimulate creative learning with the planned Take Over Festival, through which one primary school each year will have the chance to 'take over' Junction, organising their own arts activities for a short period of time.

Nicola Dixon, Youth and Community Arts Coordinator says:

‘We already have a strong participation programme here at Junction, with workshops for young people and adults on most week nights. With the new funding we will be able to supplement these workshops by bringing in more professional artists, giving participants more time to make work and providing more performance opportunities for the groups, both in Junction and elsewhere. These kinds of participatory arts projects within a community are invaluable in encouraging local pride, increasing confidence, developing skills and building audiences.’

Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Funding represents a major, long-term commitment to building a coherent programme of high quality work, artist development and community involvement.

Staff at the venue are overjoyed at the news that Junction will benefit from the new funding system, and will spend the next twelve months planning the exciting new phase of Junction’s development, which will come into effect next year. In the meantime, the venue continues to programme exciting new work, special events and workshops for both local and visiting audiences to enjoy.


Pilot Theatre, Castleford.

Pilot Theatre is delighted to announce that it will be part of the National Portfolio of organisations funded by Arts Council England. It received information this morning that has confirmed this and it will continue to be funded up to 2015.

Marcus Romer, Artistic Director of Pilot Theatre commented:

“We would like to take this opportunity of thanking all our team who have worked with us on this bid, and to Arts Council England for supporting our new programme of activity in these difficult financial times. This funding will enable us to extend the reach of our work and create new two-way engagement opportunities with our audiences as part of our National Touring programme of work”.

Pilot Theatre’s programme of work will include a new commission by award-winning playwright Roy Williams of  'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner', which will hit the ground running and tour nationally in the Olympic year of 2012. Other work will include a brand new 'Drama on Demand' programme of work in venues with a new App that allows audiences to interact with new drama work via an ipad. 

A completely new 'Digital Amplification' programme across a range of online platforms, which will include live-streamed readings and performances on Pilot-Theatre.TV channel, as well as a fully interactive drama on the Twitter network.

Collaborations will continue with Pilot Theatre’s partner venue York Theatre Royal, as well as new works with SlungLow, Paines Plough, Watershed, HideandSeek, Contact and Theatre UPB in Buenos Aires. Their International work will further be developed with a new commission for our EU Platform 11 project across 12 countries that will tour in 2012.

Marcus continued:

“We will continue to develop our Shift Happens Conferences and training programme, which focuses on developing the online and digital engagement with artists and audiences. This is further supported with a Grants for the Arts Award for 2011/12 of £40,000 which will enable us to create a new post for a Digital Content Producer. This will mean we can roll out a three year programme of work that will also include TEDxYork, Shift Happens and a programme for Shift for Young People and the Education sector nationally. We look forward to creating this new work and being part of the portfolio making and delivering Great Art for Everyone.”

“Whilst this is undoubtedly a positive result for Pilot Theatre, this is not a time for any organisation to feel triumphant, as the country will be a poorer place as a result of these cuts. We also recognise the difficult position that ACE has been put in with the settlement they received from Government. So it is important to remind ourselves where the cuts and the imperative for them stems from.”

It is vital that all organisations and the sector remain strong at this time and that we find ways of collectively nurturing artistic talent, skills and audiences during these coming months and years. As part of this we will be extending the site to become a site for collaboration, ideas and future development.

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