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Front line police face a 'big challange'


9:54am 30th March 2011
(Updated 11:49am 30th March 2011)

Responding to the HMIC Report ‘Demanding Times’, Simon Reed, Vice Chairman, Police Federation of England and Wales says;

“Whilst we are glad that a definition has been sought on what the frontline of policing is, the fact this definition has been sought after cuts have been proposed is like a house built without foundations;

“First came the HMIC report commissioned by the government which stated cuts to police budgets over 12% would have a detrimental effect on frontline policing. Then the government’s Comprehensive Spending Review announced 20% cuts will be made to police budgets but won’t affect frontline response. Swiftly followed by two reports recommending cuts to police pay, allowances and pensions and by so doing; damaging morale on the frontline. And then the latest offering; a definition of what the frontline actually is. Without wanting to state the obvious this approach seems more about quick fix budget solutions than the holistic review of policing that is so urgently needed.

“The report rightly recognises that public perception and confidence in the police is determined by visibility and that the average visibility is far less than the defined two thirds in the report. It is simply not right that such major decisions on the home security of this country are being decided in such a backhanded and back to front manner. Review policing as a whole, define its place in its modern context and then decide how and where cuts can be  made. This approach is like a poorly written essay where the conclusion is made before the arguments have even been presented.”

Mark Botham chairman of North Yorkshire Police Federation says:

"This confirms the message we have been giving since last year an shows how hollow the message of those who dismissed our view is. There needs to be an urgent rethink so that the public in North Yorkshire and the City of York  receive a well funded well resources professional service - it is time for the leaders of the service and the Police Authority to stand up and speak up for the men and women who loyally serve North Yorkshire Police."

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