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Japan quake concerns continue.


7:22am 14th March 2011
(Updated 7:50am 15th March 2011)

First Whats happening in Japan.

Brits arrive home after the devistating earthquake and Tsunami there.

Now the clean up operation is underway.

Pete Stevenson is leading a 63-strong UK team to a town badly affected in The North East, Ofunato.

More than 100-thousand Japanese troops have now been deployed in the search and rescue operation following Friday's disaster.

But their problems contiue.

There are further concerns over a Japanese nuclear plant

The cooling system has failed at a third reactor at Fukushima.

Earlier there was a second explosion and 11 people were injured.

Officials say the core container is intact and a radiation leak is unlikely.

Strong aftershocks - one measuring 6-point-4 are continuing across north-east Japan.

Though a fresh tsunami alert has been lifted.

This morning, two thousand bodies were found on two shores near Sendai.

There have been some amazing resuces though - one man was found 9 miled out to sea clinging to the roof of his house -

Click here to watch the amazing rescue.

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