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Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year

PM gives support to North Yorkshire broadband campaign.


10:30am 18th February 2011

Tomorrow its broadband North Yorkshire conference, the PM has given his support to the campaign to improve the county's internet access..

Julian Smoth, Memeber of Parliament for Skipton and Ripon, asked David Cameron about the impoertance of delivering better broadband for North Yorkshire during Prime Minister's questions.

The MP is leading the campaign and has organised tomorrow's conference which will bring together key figures from the telecommunications industry, buisness, public sector, voluntary sector and charities. Dozens of comunity groups will also be attending from across North Yorkshire.

In responce, the Prime Minister said:

" We have made a big commitment to this, 530 million pounds going into this broadband investment and it is absolutly vital, particually for rural parts of the country, because we do not want them to be cut-off from the information superhighway.

" I hope my honourable friend will be advising them about the opportunities of superfast broadband, the buisness creation and job creation it can mean for right across this country."

Click here to read more details about the campaign.

Evening and Part Time Adult Courses at York College this New Year
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