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5 out of 21 taxis stopped in Selby were unsafe.


1:52pm 1st February 2011

Passenger safety was at the forefront of a joint operation by the police and Selby District Council last week.

Officers targeted private hire taxis and Hackney Carriages during a four-hour safety blitz designed to ensure the safety and roadworthiness of Selby’s taxis.

Road Policing Officer, TC David Hunter led the initiative in partnership with Selby District Council’s Licensing Department and the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA)

During 7pm and 11pm on Friday 28 January, 21 vehicles were checked for defects and to ensure their drivers were properly licensed.

Three taxis were given immediate prohibition orders which means the vehicle was ordered off the road immediately. However, two of the taxis were fixed that same evening and allowed to continue.

Two others were given delayed prohibition orders which means they have seven days to rectify the defects found by the inspectors.12 were issued with advisory notices for mechanical defects.

One driver who was caught speeding opted to take a Speed Awareness Course. Three fixed penalty notices were issued for other minor offences.

TC Hunter said:

“The purpose of the operation was to ensure that the minimum standards of vehicle safety and licensing are being met with the overall aim being to promote road safety.  Members of the public have a right to expect that the taxis they use are safe and roadworthy and that the drivers are properly licensed.

“While many taxi drivers do maintain their vehicles, I am disappointed by the number of vehicles which presented defects, whether minor or more serious.

“I give credit to those drivers who do maintain their vehicles correctly but sadly it appears that those who don’t, often know their vehicles have defects but drive anyway. That isn’t acceptable.

” We will continue to work in partnership with our colleagues in the other agencies to raise standards and awareness of the importance of vehicle safety.”

Tim Grogan, Licensing Enforcement Officer with Selby District Council, added

“Enforcement campaigns in connection with the inspection of taxis and private hire vehicles, when they are operating, is a fundamental part of the manner in which the Council can demonstrate that passengers are being transported in safety.

“Though I am disappointed that 5 of the 21 vehicles examined were issued with prohibition notices, I am relieved that only one was removed immediately from the road. Overall, I am content that in relation to similar checks in neighbouring areas we compared favourably.

“Though not complacent, I am satisfied that over 75% of those cars and vans inspected either had no issues or were served with advisory notices, which is a testament to the licensed operators and to the excellent service provided by Reynolds, who maintain the Council’s licensed fleet of vehicles.”   


    • 21 vehicles stopped
    • 3 immediate prohibition notices (vehicle ordered off road)
    • 2 delayed prohibition notices (seven days to rectify defect before vehicle ordered off road)
    • 12 Advisory notices issued for defects
    • 1 Speed Awareness Course
    • 3 fixed penalty tickets



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