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Cut backs in York come to light


5:59am 1st February 2011
(Updated 9:50am 1st February 2011)

The first cutbacks we'll see in York are now coming to light.

Over the next 3 days the council will reveal it's budget proposals.

The axe is swinging from the top down.

The Office of the Chief Exec's been told it's budget will be slashed by 650 grand - with a reduction in management staff.

We're also going to ee cutback at both Visit York and Science City York - with cuts of between 60K to 80.

As Minster FM's told you in the past Children and York People put a huge strain on resources - so there's going to be a dramtic cut in council-run activities for kids.

There's also going to job losses for Connexions advisors, the School Improvement Service and the Youth Offending Team.

There's also going to be financial cutbacks within the Teenage Pregnancy Budget.

Now for those of you with two year olds - the free childcare Nursery Pilot is going to stop.

This offered help to those from disadvantanged backgrounds, so could dramtically effect low-income families.

On to City Strategy - these are the guys who take care of transport and parking - there's likely to be up to 28 jobs axed.

We're hearing concessionary bus fares for park and ride are going to change - you'll soon be charged more.

Car parking also going to go up by about 10 pence an hour from October.

Now all of this has been announced TODAY - they'll be many more cutback in the next 2 days.

The Green party in York have already given their responce to the budget.

Cllr Andy D'Agorne has said that proposed cuts will put the clock back thirty years and lead to a rise in youth crime and unemployment in the city.

The cuts are to be decided at a council meeting tomorrow.

The Green group leader has criticised proposed budget cuts to York's Children's Centres, Careers Advice, Education Welfare and Youth Services.

The Council plans to cut over £1 million and 11 jobs from children's centres, sack 9 careers guidance staff and 4 posts from the Youth Offending Team.

Cllr Andy D'Agorne said:

"We will be supporting the fight against these cuts and putting forward amendments to try to limit the damage caused by these ideologically driven Tory cuts. What is proposed could lead to a lost generation, with rising school truancy, vandalism, and anti-social behaviour, and more young people wasting years of their lives on the wrong courses"

Speaking as someone who training in Careers guidance at a time of high youth unemployment in the 1980s, Andy started in his profession giving advice to unemployed young people in Sheffield and Rotherham at the height of the Thatcher's steel closures and the miners strike.

"Even in the dark days of Thatcherism, the government recognised the importance of advice and guidance to get young people into the right training and education and help build a strong economy - yet Cameron and Clegg seem to be happy to abandon young people to their fate in these cuts."

In addition to massive cuts to schools guidance and the Youth Service, Councillor D'Agorne adds, smaller cuts to other services will "be a false economy, leading to higher demand on other council services and greater costs to schools".


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