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Uni of York release new study on food intolerance.


6:53am 24th January 2011

A new study from York Uni claims nearly half of the UK's population has a food intolerance.

Researchers claim, it could explain why many people suffer from headaches, fatigue and digestive problems.

Celebrity Doctor Hilary Jones was involved in the study.

There are an estimated 6.6 million people in the UK who report moderate headache-related disability and the cost to the economy is significant, estimated at £1 billion per year, with around 90,000 people away from work or education every day due to headaches. 1 in 10 people suffer from persistent tiredness, with women more likely to be affected than men, and about 20% of individuals are expected to suffer from IBS at some point in their lives.

45% of the population suffers from food hypersensitivity and there is an increasing prevalence of food intolerance throughout the UK. Many people who suffer from food intolerance will suffer symptoms including headaches, intestinal symptoms and fatigue, which can often make it difficult to diagnose.

Employers and co-workers often dismiss many people suffering from these symptoms, as they do not fully understand the debilitation that can be involved. Moreover, despite an increasing prevalence of food intolerance in the UK, the symptoms and cause remain relatively under-diagnosed and massively untreated.

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