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The latest on misconduct within North Yorkshire Police

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4:08pm 16th December 2010
(Updated 4:09pm 16th December 2010)

IPCC update on outcome of misconduct meeting involving DCC Adam Briggs

The Independent Police Complaints Commission is now in receipt of the written decision from the misconduct meeting held in relation to allegations of misconduct against North Yorkshire Police's Deputy Chief Constable Adam Briggs.

The IPCC believes it important that the formal outcome is published to give clarity to the issue due to some confusion following the hearing on 7th December 2010.

The misconduct meeting was held following an IPCC independent investigation into allegations surrounding a recruitment exercise conducted by North Yorkshire Police in February 2010.

The IPCC issued a statement following the meeting announcing that a case of misconduct had been upheld against DCC Briggs and he was to face management advice. The statement went on to say that the IPCC could not at that stage go into specific detail due to a potential to prejudice the misconduct hearing of Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell.

A statement was then issued that evening by representatives of Mr Briggs expressing his relief that he had been cleared of five of the six matters he faced.

This understandably led to confusion amongst the media.

The IPCC is now in a position to clarify that the misconduct meeting concluded DCC Briggs had breached the code of conduct on two counts.

These were that he:

* Failed to challenge and report improper conduct;
* Acted in a manner likely to bring discredit upon and undermine
public confidence in the police service - Discreditable Conduct

The misconduct meeting went on to express the view that DCC Briggs'
responsibility was to ensure a robust and fit recruitment process was put in place and, while he had made great efforts to remedy the situation when it went wrong, he failed in his duty in the first instance.

The misconduct meeting concluded DCC Briggs should receive management advice as a result of the proven breaches.

The misconduct meeting found DCC Briggs had not breached the code of conduct in relation to the following matters:

* Honesty and Integrity;
* Abuse of powers and authority;
* Unfair and unlawful discrimination;
* Failure to abide by force policy and/or giving unlawful

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