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Could York fund other councils?


5:56am 14th December 2010

York lobbies Government over funding cuts

City of York Council is lobbying the Government to ensure that York doesn't lose funding to other areas across the country.

The council is waiting to receive a final figure for Government funding for 2011-12, but it's anticipated that the authority will face a reduction of at least 10.7 per cent on last year's grant - equivalent to £4.8m.

The situation could be even worse, as it's possible that the Government will reduce the level of grant funding even further in areas of the country that are considered to be reasonable 'affluent', like York. Cities with higher levels of deprivation, such as Hull, receive a higher proportion of their total income from Government grants, and it's likely that the percentage funding cut to more deprived areas will be smaller than that in more affluent areas.

The council is lobbying the Government to try to persuade national finance chiefs not to reduce York's funding over and above the standard 10.7 per cent , arguing that the city has already lost £6.6m through the way funding is allocated in the last three years. The authority has stressed that it spends the lowest amount per head of population out of all the comparative unitary authorities, receives the ninth lowest government grant per person our of all the 55 unitary authorities in England and Wales and has the second lowest Band D Council Tax of all the unitary authorities, reinforcing its 'value for money' reputation.

Members of the council's Executive will receive an update on the lobbying work at a meeting on Tuesday 14 December.

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