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North Yorkshire Police could be forced to take retirement


3:32pm 6th December 2010
(Updated 3:35pm 6th December 2010)

Forced to take retirement following the spending review.

That's what North Yorkshire Police wants to do to any officers with 30 years of service or more.

The force claims it's on the grounds of general efficiency.

As well as the voluntary redundancy scheme announced last month they want to be able to use Regulation A19.

If approved this will allow the force to require the retirement of PCs who've accrued full pension entitlement which is normally 30 years' service.

The matter's due to be discussed with the Police Authority next Monday (13th December 2010.)

Chief Constable of North Yorkshire Police Grahame Maxwell says:

"In line with all public sector organisations, North Yorkshire Police has to make significant financial savings over the next four years while still delivering the best possible service to our communities.

"In order to meet this challenge we are looking at restructuring our organisation so that we can continue to deliver to the public within the financial constraints we face. This will inevitably mean that we have to do this with fewer people being employed by the organisation.

"As well as the voluntary redundancy scheme for police staff which was announced last month, we also want to consider the use of Regulation A19. This provides the ability to require the retirement of police officers who have accrued full pension entitlement - normally 30 years' service - on the grounds of general efficiency. This matter is due to be discussed with the Police Authority on Monday 13 December.

"The Police Federation and Superintendents' Association have been consulted specifically about our consideration of A19, and Unison for those issues impacting upon Police Staff. They are all aware of the very difficult decisions chief officers and the police authority are faced with as we move forward into 2011 and beyond."

PICTURED: Graham Maxwell

Chief Constable Grahame Maxwell

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