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Keep warm, keep well this winter

Snow Shovel

11:18am 23rd November 2010

Keep warm and keep well this winter"

That’s the Government’s advice to people in its annual campaign to cut illness and deaths linked to cold weather conditions.

There’s more to feeling ‘under the weather’ than most people realise. Harsh winter conditions can have dramatic effects on everyday life, especially for people who are most vulnerable – the elderly and those with a long term condition or disability. Wintry weather and chilly homes can have a significant impact on people’s health and can lead to serious health problems.

Professor Paul Johnstone, regional director of public health at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber said:

“Keeping warm is one of the best ways to stay healthy and well this winter.

“What many people don’t realise is that cold weather can make them unwell or aggravate existing health conditions.

“People with heart problems or respiratory conditions like COPD and asthma may experience worse symptoms during a cold snap, and for several days afterwards.

“When temperatures plummet, people can take simple steps to stay healthy. Keeping your home warm is a good way to avoid illness, wearing lots of layers of clothing and keeping active will also raise body temperature. If you have elderly neighbours or relatives look out for them during the winter months to make sure they are safe and well.

“If people do become unwell this winter they should seek advice from their pharmacist or doctor.”

The Keep Warm Keep Well campaign advises people to:

  1. Keep warm – heat your home well and keep drafts out by closing curtains and doors
  2. Eat well – a healthy diet will help fight off germs, regular meals will keep energy levels up
  3. Keep well – get a flu jab. People can get a free jab from their GP to protect against seasonal flu if they are over 65, have a long term health condition or are pregnant.
  4. Keep moving – staying active warms you up
  5. Wrap up well before you go outside
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