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Cuts cost lives.


1:10pm 17th November 2010
(Updated 1:11pm 17th November 2010)

Yorkshire and Humberside firefighters assemble at Westminster to lobby their local MPs and protest against cuts to their Fire and Rescue Services.


Hundreds of Fire Brigades Union members from all four brigades in Yorkshire and Humberside will join thousands of colleagues today at Westminster to lobby their MPs and to protest against proposed cuts to their local fire service which threaten to decimate frontline 999 services.


The proposed cuts, seen by many as knee jerk reactions by panicking management teams, will see the reduction of standards in fire and rescue services and delays in fire appliances attending emergency calls. This will put the lives of the public and the safety of firefighters at increased risk.


A national YouGov poll released in September shows the public oppose cuts to their fire and rescue service:

  • 85% of those polled oppose government plans to cut funding in the Fire and Rescue Service;
  • 95% of those asked thought that despite the economic crisis, we need to keep at least the same number, or employ even more firefighters;
  • 95% agreed that a rapid response to fires should be a high priority.


Pete Smith FBU Regional Secretary said:

“Plans are being drawn up to significantly change the front line fire and rescue service in all of the brigades in Yorkshire and Humberside. The government stated both pre-election and post election they would protect the front line of public services. However it now seems those at the top have done a total u-turn and are now planning to make cuts to the frontline rather than from their own corporate empires.

On top of this firefighters are in the position of their employers offering no pay rise this year, the governments two year public pay freeze coming in next year and 3% contribution hikes in their pensions announced last month by the Chancellor. Firefighters are certainly paying a heavy price for the failure of speculating bankers.

We know that social depravation caused by recession goes hand in hand with increased risks of fire and we will not stand back whilst the poorest and most vulnerable in our society are compromised by these cuts. Cuts cost lives. Our members will be calling on our local MPs and our fire chiefs to stand up for the fire service, to stand up for the public we serve and to stand up for the brave men and women who deliver our service on the frontline.” 



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