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Treatment for diabetics in North Yorkshire looks set to change.

Treatment for diabetics in North Yorkshire looks set to change.

5:57am 11th November 2010

NHS York and North Yorkshire have released the following statement:

Sue Metcalfe, Deputy Chief Executive for NHS North Yorkshire and York, said:

 "In light of the financial challenges we are currently facing, we have been working in partnership with local GPs and PCT pharmacists to identify areas of cost saving that reduce waste while maintaining our high standard of patient care.

"One such area that will yield a significant cost saving is reducing the amount of prescription medicines that go to waste and no longer routinely prescribing items that have limited clinical effectiveness. Diabetic testing strips for patients with well controlled type two diabetes is one of the items that will no longer be routinely prescribed.

"It is important to highlight that GPs will make decisions on whether to prescribe items on a case-by-case basis, using their own clinical judgement."

Dr John Lethem, Chair York Health Group PBC Consortium, added:

"As part of the vital prescribing efficiency drive across the county, GPs are trying to reduce the use of blood glucose monitoring strips where clinically appropriate and safe to do so.  Letters have been sent out to several patients discussing prescription item changes with the explanation that such moves should be seen to be in the best interests of the health economy as a whole.  

"By keeping prescribing costs to low but safe and effective levels, resources can be saved for other important areas of healthcare.

"Patients will be invited to discuss any individual questions with their usual GP and we hope there will be minimal distress caused during this time when all appropriate measures possible are being taken to reduce the significant financial deficit in the local health economy."

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