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York couple jailed

York couple jailed

4:42pm 4th November 2010
(Updated 3:41pm 5th November 2010)

Jailed for 7 years each.

That's the sentence given to York couple, Rocky Gordon Parker and Savannah Parker, after they pleaded guilty to theft and robbery.

The pair were accused of holding a middle-aged man with arthritis captive whilst they stole his cash.

Further charges of false imprisonment and driving whilst disqualified are not being followed up by the prosecution.

Detective Constable Leah Wallhead, of York CID, said:

"It is very satisfying when malicious and calculating offenders like Rocky Parker and Joanne Crossman (former name of Savannah Parker who changed her name via deed poll) are made to face up to the full consequences of their actions.

"They took advantage of a vulnerable man who is still trying to come to terms with the ordeal they put him under. What they did was truly despicable and deserving of the significant prison sentences handed out by the court.  

"I hope the victim and his family can take a measure of comfort from the successful prosecution."

Savannah Parker

Rocky Gordon Parker

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