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North Yorkshire prolific burgular jailed

North Yorkshire prolific burgular jailed

4:44pm 18th October 2010
(Updated 6:13pm 18th October 2010)

A prolific burgular, who targeted take-aways and charity shops in North Yorkshire, is beginning a three year prison term.

47 year old Martin Joseph Brown from Washington in Tyne and Wear, admitted to fourteen offences in the Scarborough, Malton, Pickering and Filey area.

He also owned up to offences in York, Ripon, Harrogate, Boroughbridge, and Catterick Garrison.

DC Steve Johnson, of Scarborough CID, said:

"It is very pleasing that Brown is now paying the price for all the misery he has caused throughout North Yorkshire.

"He chose to steal from those he considered to be easy targets and the fact that he chose to steal from charity shops shows the kind of person he is."

"Although he was only stealing relatively small amounts of money at a time, he was offending a regular basis and frankly, prison is the best place for him."


Martin Brown favoured breaking into take-aways and charity shops to steal petty cash which had been left behind after closing time.

His crime spree began on 13th January 2010 when he broke into Prima Pizzeria in Ripon.

He forced open a side door and stole £40 in cash.

Later the same day, he also stole £100 cash from the Balti House and attempted a further burglary at the Double Luck Chinese take-away, before moving on to Harrogate where he broke into Pizza Parade and the Thai Elephant.

On 15th January 2010, Brown broke into Pizza Pizzaro and Oxfam in Boroughbridge, and attempted to burgle the Shahi Raj Indian restaurant on Fishergate.

Also on 15th January he broke into the Oriental Express Chinese restaurant on Hull Road in York and El Gringo's Mexican in Malton.

On 22nd January 2010, Brown targeted Knaresborough, breaking into Bella Rosa and CJ's Coffee Shop.

A month later he moved on to Catterick Garrison where he committed three offences on Hildyard Row.

On 18th February he broke into the fish and chip shop, Pizza Pizza and Ariston Pizza and Kebab House.

In March and April, Brown concentrated on the eastern area of the county, beginning on 27th March in Pickering where he stole £50 after breaking into Bits and Pizzas.

The following day, he targeted Marmaris Grill, Tasty House and Petra take-away in Scarborough, and Filey Tandoori.

On 29th March, Brown attempted to break into the Pop in Café in Scarborough and Help the Aged in Pickering.

He committed a further six offences between Thursday 1 April 2010 and Saturday 3rd April 2010, breaking into St Catherine's Hospice shop and Stuart's of Driffield in Malton, and Oxfam and La Plaza Pizzeria in Scarborough.

He also broke into St Catherine's Hospice shop and Tutti Italian Restaurant in Pickering.

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