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North Yorkshire Dad is angry at Iraqi judge rule.

North Yorkshire Dad is angry at Iraqi judge rule.

10:05am 11th October 2010

There's anger today as the Red Cap murder suspects walk free.

Charges against two Iraqi men were dropped by a judge in Baghdad yesterday afternoon, claiming there wasn't enough evidence to prosecute.

They had been charged with the murder of six UK Red Caps who were on patrol in Iraq back in 2003. The six military policemen, including 23 year old Lance Corporal Ben Hyde from Northallerton and Corporal Simon Miller from Washington, were gunned down in a police station.

Their families have been fighting for justice ever since, but yesterday's ruling was a devasting blow.

Ben's dad, John Hyde, says he is "completely astonished" by the ruling.

He's told Star News, "There are still seven or eight arrest warrants outstanding but it does look as though there is just no will on the Iraqi Police or the Iraqi Justice system to pursue these warrants."

Simon Miller's dad John says "There was plenty of witnesses, they saw what happened. To turn round now and say that they wouldn't testify or seen nothing is nothing short of a damned disgrace. As far as I'm concerned it's just a cowardly act."

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