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2-in-1 burglaries increase in Harrogate

2-in-1 burglaries increase in Harrogate

5:25pm 4th October 2010

Harrogate police are warning residents to beware after a recent increase in 2-in-1 burglaries.

Over the weekend a silver BMW was stolen from outside a house in St George's Road, after thieves broke in and took the keys.

A second car, a silver Mercedes Sport, was taken on Langcliffe Avenue.

In response, officers have now launched Operation Raccoon handing out crime prevention leaflets to owners of prestige vehicles on the A59.

Extra patrols are also being deployed in the area at night.

Sergeant Geoff Crocker, of Harrogate South Safer Neighbourhood Team, said:

“We have been targeting owners of models which 2-in-1 burglars tend to go for. These vehicles usually include new or nearly new Audis, BMWs, Mercedes, Range Rovers, Golf GTIs, and Volkswagen Touaregs as well as classic sports cars such as Ferraris and Porsches.

“Owners of these types of vehicles need to be careful about keeping keys safe and the message we have been passing to them reminds them of the actions they can take to reduce the chances of becoming a victim.

“The majority of offences occur late in the evening, or overnight with victims not realising until they wake up the next morning.

“Any kind of confrontation is unlikely to take place during a 2-in-1 burglary, however the impact of being burgled is difficult to imagine unless you’ve been subjected to it.”

Sgt Crocker is urging all vehicle owners to be vigilant and warns that any vehicle is a target, although owners of sought after models are more at risk.

Police are offering the following advice to all vehicle owners, to help keep 2-in-1 burglars at bay.

    • Keep your vehicle keys out of view from windows and doors, and out of reach of  cat-flaps and letterboxes


    • Ensure that doors and windows are secure even when you are at home and when you go to bed. Many 2-in-1 burglaries occur through insecure doors or windows.


    • Park your vehicle in a garage where possible. If your garage is used for storage then consider clearing it out and using it for the car instead. Close and locks gates if you have them.


    • If you have a house security alarm consider part-setting it at night even if this causes some inconvenience, the extra peace of mind may be worthwhile.


    • If you advertise your vehicle for sale be extra vigilant and don’t provide details of your address, unless you are satisfied that an enquirer is genuine.


    • As the dark evenings approach, unoccupied homes are easier for burglars to identify. Ensure that your home looks occupied even when you are out. Leave some lights on and perhaps even a radio and review your current security.   


    • Consider purchasing a tracker system for your vehicle this assists greatly in recovering it should it be stolen. Speak to your dealership about this.


    • Buy a secondary physical security item such as a locking wheel bar and use it overnight if you leave your car on the drive or road. Keep the keys to this separate from your car keys.
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