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Police take zero-tolerance approach to disruption in Clifton

Police take zero-tolerance approach to disruption in Clifton

10:50am 1st October 2010

Clifton police are taking a zero-tolerance approach to motorists causing severe delays at a busy junction.

Acting on a number of recent complaints, the local Safer Neighbourhood Team has been monitoring the problem at Clifton Green for the past week.

Motorists have been blocking the junction when leaving Water Lane to travel across to Water End. Traffic getting stuck on the junction is causing severe disruption which is having a knock-on effect along Bootham, right back into the city centre.

Officers have been conducting high-visibility patrols at the junction and have issued over 50 warnings, however motorists continue to block the road.

Sergeant Martin Metcalfe, of Clifton Safer Neighbourhood Team, is warning motorists that they now plan to take a harder approach to combat the problem.

He said:

“This has become a huge problem, with motorists persisting in blocking the yellow box, which is preventing traffic travelling out of York along Bootham from driving away at the lights.

“This is causing major delays for people trying to get home after a busy day’s work and the situation will no longer be tolerated.

“From now on every motorist caught blocking the Clifton Green junction can expect a £30 fixed penalty notice and repeat offenders face the threat of prosecution.”

Sgt Metcalfe is urging drivers to exercise common sense and look ahead before entering the junction. He also warned that cars blocking the junction are causing a hazard to the public and other road users.

He added:

“Do not enter the junction unless the road is clear. There is a safety issue here, in that pedestrians and cyclists are trying to manoeuvre around vehicles obstructing the road and are being forced onto oncoming traffic.

“Giving out tickets is a last resort but this is what it has come to and we have to act before someone gets hurt.”

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