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Police appeal for mystery driver to come forward

Police appeal for mystery driver to come forward

9:31am 3rd August 2010

Police are appealing for a man involved in a collision near York on Sunday to come forward.  

The collision occurred on the Stamford Bridge to York road just before 3 on Sunday afternoon, appoximately four miles from Stamford Bridge.  

The unknown vehicle being driven by the man was travelling in the direction of York when it was involved in a collision with a grey Peugeot travelling in the opposite direction.

The driver of the unknown vehicle stopped at the time of the collision and spoke to the occupants of another car which he believed was involved in the collision.  The car was undamaged, and on receiving this information, he continued on his way without leaving any contact information.

However, further down the road, a grey Peugeot driven by a 76-yr-old woman from Bridlington had sustained a large amount of damage after being hit during the collision. It is belived the man was unaware of this, as were the occupants of the car he spoke with. 

TC Ian Mckenzie who is investigating the collision said: “Although the driver of the first car did the right thing and stopped at the scene, he did not make contact with the vehicle which he had actually collided with. 

"We are therefore appealing to the man, whose car will have sustained off-side damage as a result of the crash to come forward."

The woman sustained minor injuries and was treated at the scene by ambulance staff.

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